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God is in the detail.

I’ve been keen to plant veg for ages but a holiday in New Zealand for a week delayed the onset of seeding the vegie patch.  Apparently you need to water your seeds for at least 5 days in a row to make them germinate.  The things you learn, eh?

So after returning from NZ, the seeds were planted on Sunday, 8 April 2010. Adventurebiscuit had done a great job before we left, building up the soil with compost, poo and gypsum, so it was more than ready for seeding by the time we returned.

In the photo above – from left – I’ve planted a row each of carrots, beetroot, parsnip, silver beet, spinach, and spring onions.  The peas and broad beans have half a row each beneath the trellis.

And look!

Look what has happened.  Today is Day 6 – the day of magic.

A carrot!

Baby beetroot!


None of these shoots were there yesterday because I’ve been keeping a very close – some would say, obsessive – eye on them.  I’d even dug around in the carrot row yesterday to see if there was anything going on.  There wasn’t, which means that carrots are very crafty.

I have leeks and cauliflowers yet to plant.  According to the packet, I have to seed them first in a box or punnet and then transplant them when they have grown a bit. Ah, little seeds.

And the herb patch has a new addition.  You’ve probably heard of catnip.  This is, er, catnap.

Putting down roots.


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First the herbs …

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ... and heaps of other stuff too!

Well, the planting of the herb and vegie garden has begun.  I’ve started with herbs because I like herbs and I use them a lot in cooking.  It’s a bit of a cliche but fresh is best.  Having used rosemary and parsley straight from their respective bushes, I can only agree.  There is so much more flavour when a herb that has just been picked is added to a dish.

In the above photo, there are 8 or 9 parsley bushes along the left hand side set of bricks while 6 or so coriander plants populate the top right hand corner

And the vegies are are on their way … hopefully.  We won’t put them in until we get back from NZ but these are all the seed packets I bought yesterday.


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